The Time Is Always Ripe To Do Right

They came in with their individualistic concerns and forgot the broader concerns of humanity. Riots began. Fires. Burning down the communities that those who were hurting the most would suffer the most from. Riots.

Surfers and Skim Boarders

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There's no greater feeling than being able to glide along on a wave that you've worked hard to catch. Well, perhaps, a close feeling is capturing them in the middle of their joy. I am always waiting for them to do something different, something new, something amazing. I am never disappointed. From shooting the pier at Huntington, to running the sand to the awaiting wave at Newport, the action is amazing. Click to see the action. I'll update as regularly as possible. If you know any of these guys (or girls), let them know about my site. Currently I am providing a free full-size image to anyone pictured. (May be subject to change without notice.)
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Zoo Photography

LA, Little Rock, San Diego and The Living Desert and more...

(Click on the lion to visit the gallery) I love zoos. I know some people do not like zoos because animals should be free to live in the wild. But when it comes to conservation, zoos play an important role. Why would we care if the lion is extinct or a giraffe, for that matter? Who cares if they kill an elephant for it's tusks, right? But if I get to see lions, giraffes and elephants up close and personal, there is something that stirs within me. I want to help their wild cousins. Therefore, I enjoy taking photos of these beautiful creatures with two purposes in mind. ONE, I love to look at these amazing animals, and TWO, I want people to know that they are worth saving. If you love animals, visit a zoo. If you don't like how the zoo is taking care of the animals, let someone know. If you get a chance, support a conservation outlet or go visit the animals on safari! God willing, I will, some day! Enjoy these until then. Click on the lion to visit the gallery.