Birds In The Backyard


I had the opportunity to get out on a walk with my wife to the Janet Huckabee Nature Center and Wells Lake in Fort Chaffee. The lake was beautiful, as always, there were people fishing, kayaking, riding bikes and otherwise having a great time. I noticed these interesting looking bird houses and as I got closer, I noticed a bunch of birds flying in and out of them. It was fun to watch, so I decided to take a few captures. Hope you enjoy them.

Squirrel frivolity. I went out in the backyard to take some shots of the tons of birds that were there, but as soon as I slowly went out, they all disappeared. Now I know what being left behind from the Rapture feels like. 🤔 As I sat there for a moment, this little guy showed up. Lots of fun. The birds still have not returned except for a lonely cardinal that seemed to be telling us that his bowl was empty of sunflower seeds.


Ok. Ya’ll are really getting used to seeing my backyard and the birds who live here. Today, a songbird Sparrow gets a bite to eat at our bird feed buffet. In the first capture he is a little skeptical. In the second, he is taking small bites and still keeping a weary eye. By the third, he is all in! (See the gallery for the multiple photos)


“Wanna go bro? Come on!” Looks like this Robin isn’t happy I am taking his pic. I think I may need to get a written release for this one.

Red Tail Hawk

A Red Tail Hawk graces the sky above my house in Fort Smith, Arkansas just before being chased off by some little birds. I noticed that the little birds really don’t like raptors, especially hawks, flying around their territory. The funny thing is, I always used to think that the hawk would win in these circumstances, but it’s almost always the little birds that do, from my observation. Even so, it was a beautiful sight to behold.

Red Birds (Cardinals)

My first capture of what I call “Redbirds.” I love these little guys, but they apparently, do not love me. I have seen many and even watched a male feed his female in what appeared to be “kissing” but as soon as I ever so gingerly point my lens in their direction, they fly away. I’ve never known Redbirds to be this camera shy before. I am sure I’ll capture them again this year, and not on top of a cat food bowl full of birdseed. But I guess, for these two shots, I get what I can get. This is a male. You can tell by their bright color, which is used to catch the eye of a female. I always told my boys that girls like bright boys. 😬😑 Anyway, these males can become very aggressive and have been known to fight even themselves off when looking at a reflective window. This one shows his good side in the second capture.

I guess the red bird showed a little love later in the evening yesterday. I thought it would take until later on—a few months—before I would have another opportunity to get some clear captures of cardinals in the trees. However, it took just a few hours! Not only did I get him off the cat food bowl and in the trees, I also got him in flight!! So cool. The Lord blesses me in strange ways sometimes. Getting pictures of red birds has been one of them. Hope you are enjoying them.


Backyard Birds