Check out the photos of Spring Street in the city of Los Angeles. It is an architectural dream!
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St Marq Publishing

Steve Marquez; New Book

Steve Marquez has been battling Stage4 Renal Cell Carcinoma, an agressive kidney cancer for over 7 years. He has written a book regarding his experience having massive surgeries, physical therapy, along with chemo, immunotherapies and radiation. But the most important part of his journey has been being carried through it all by his Savior, Jesus Christ. You will cry along with him in agonies and rejoice in victories. Along the way, you will see the hand of God, knowing that if this kind of love is possible for Steve, it is possible for you as well.

Have Steve speak at your next event, church, conference, or retreat. Contact him at (479) 462-1312, or visit for more information.

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National Scholastic Surfing Association Championship

Day 4

The NSSA is the only national surfing association that requires its members to maintain a good GPA to continue competing in its contests. It is important to the NSSA that its members not only become good surfers but also get a good education and expand their minds for the future whether that is in surfing or in any other career.